Western Leather Dog Collar – Top Quality Collars

Western dog collars are very popular and unique types of dog collars that are manufactured using high-quality leather materials and feature sturdy and innovative designs. Below are some of the benefits of choosing a high-end western dog collar for your pet.


Things to Consider and Look For

Appealing – With a high-end western leather dog collar, your pet will never be out of fashion. The leather used in these types of collars is very exquisite and there are many different designs to choose from which are very appealing. Whether you prefer a simple flat leather collar that has been enhanced using silver brads or a design that is intricately carved, western collars will ensure that your pet always remains in style.

Durable – Most types of dog collars such as nylon type dog collars are known to break or fray easily, however, western leather dog collars are extremely durable and last for many years without requiring to be replaced.

Saves Money – While it is true that other types of dog collars such as nylon collars are generally less expensive than a western leather dog collar, you are more likely to end up spending more money on the replacement of nylon collars as they can fray or break very easily while western leather dog collars can even outlast the life of your dog with proper care.

Western Bling Leather Dog Collars

Some dogs really stand out with a leather collar and then when you have some bling on the collar it really looks good. Below we have listed some of the nicest quality western bling leather dog collars. First and foremost we look at the quality of the materials and craftsmanship in the collar itself. No cheap junk! These are very high quality collars that are topped off with tooling and or western bling such as conchos, turquoise or other cosmetics.

If you want the absolute best quality of dog collars, then be sure to choose a western leather dog collar. From the hand-made, hand-carved, and hand-dyed collars made of the highest quality leather to luxury western collars that are designed with conchos, studs, and Swarovski Crystal “bling”, you won’t be disappointed when selecting western leather dog collars for your pet.