Rolled Leather Dog Collar – Best Quality Collars

Most dog owners prefer using leather dog collars on their pets as they are made of a natural material, that is less irritating and comfortable to wear. They are the best option for dogs with sensitive skin. Leather dog collars come in several colors and styles. The leather collars can either be flat, rolled or round.

Rolled leather dog collars are thinner, narrow, and lighter than the flat collar. Their round shape forms a cord (rope-like structure) that gives it strength. Many of these rolled collars have an O-ring where identity tags are attached. These collars are mainly designed for long coated dogs. They prevent damage to the coat such as matting without leaving a flat spot on it. Rolled leather dog collars also suits dogs with sensitive skin, wrinkles or rolls on it.

More Advantages of Rolled Leather Dog Collars

Durability: Rolled leather dog collars are more durable compared to other types. They are of high quality and cannot easily fray or break. These collars can serve your dog for quite a long period.

Fashionable: Rolled leather dog collars have a unique style and strong sense of fashion. 

Many Options: Rolled leather dog collars are quite stylish and are available in different colors such as brown, red, yellow, pink, black and many others. They also come as a combination of these colors, giving various options to choose from.

Strong and Adjustable: Rolled leather dog collars are strong enough to withstand the pull of larger sized dogs. They have adjustment holes for larger dogs. It is important that you choose a collar that will give your dog more comfort, and of the right size, neither too loose nor too tight.

Comfort: They are ideal and more comfortable for long-haired dogs or those with sensitive skin.

Enhanced Safety: Dogs are most active during early, morning hours and late evenings. At this time, they can get far away; rolled leather dog collars allow fitting some light on them so that they are easily spotted from far. 

Easy Care: Rolled leather dog collars are easy to clean and protecting them with a leather conditioner prevents them from cracking and makes them last longer.

If you are looking for a new dog collar and want durability and style, rolled leather dog collars are a great option!