Premium Quality Leather Dog Collar – Best Leather Collars

When outfitting your pet, one of the best investments you can make is a good high quality leather collar. Leather is one of the most durable, longest lasting products that we buy and with occasional care a good dog collar will last for years.

Qualities of a Premium Leather Dog Collar

When looking at leather collars you want to pay attention to certain details. We have listed things for you to look for below.

  • Leather – The best collars are made of 100% high quality cowhide and have a nice finish on them
  • Hardware – The buckle and D Ring should be made of high quality metal. Most collars have stainless, nickel plated or brass hardware. Brass is the best for being corrosion resistant.
  • Stitching – High quality stitching with premium thread helps ensure your collar will not separate.
  • Riveting – Certain styles that are not sewn will have high quality rivets. A few collars may use a combination of stitched and riveted.

Determine the Correct Size of Collar

Most collars have 5 adjustment holes and ideally you want your collar to fit your dog comfortably. Measure the circumference of your dogs neck, then choose the appropriate size collar. Most leather collars specify a size (i.e.  15″), this means that a dog with a 15″ neck will be to the center hole. That gives your pet room to lose or add weight.