Family Pets Of The Week: April 5

Find them at Montgomery Area Animal Care and Control, 616 N. Spring St., 931-648-5750, Society of Clarksville-Montgomery County Reah is a 3-year-old

, 50-pound women redbone coonhound. She is house and crate-trained as well as would do best as an only animal. Reah is clever, funny and enjoys to play. She knows standard commands as well as is extremely sharp, constantly leading her owner to the source of an audio. Locate her through the Humane Culture of Clarksville-Montgomery Region, 931-648-8042, Are Us Cody and also Sid are 4-month-old solid black twin kitties. Both young boys are neutered and also litter-box educated. They are fun-loving and very lively. Cody and also Sid obtainget on excellent

with other pet cats in addition to dogs. Find them at Petsmart via Cats Are United States, 931-503-0053, Humane Culture Wonder is an adult, spayed women pit bull terrier. She is totally vetted and also house-trained. Miracle is a pleasant as well as loving friend dog who loves kids. She loves to play sphere as well as give kisses. Wonder favors a house without various other pets. Find her through the Humane Culture of Dover-Stewart County, 931-305-8212, Region Faithful Buddies Animal Rescue Luke is a little, 2-year-old neutered male pit bull terrier mix. He is fully vetted, residence as well as crate-trained. Luke gets along excellent with most pets but likesprefers to chase after pet cats. He is completecontains life and will make a wonderful buddy. Find him through Stewart Region Faithful Pals Animal Rescue, 931-627-1459, Family pet Rescue of Middle Tennessee Reese is a grown-up, spayed women pit

bull terrier mix that was maintainedgone on a chain for mostthe majority of her life. She is crate-trained and also has a mini chip. Reese enjoys her people and also getsgets on terrific with youngsters. She will make a remarkable buddy. Discover her with Buddy Family pet Rescue of Middle Tennessee, 615-260-8473, Deserve Conserving Archer is a 1-year-old, 10-pound

, neutered male miniature pinscher. He is fully vetted and also house-trained. Archer is a super-sweet child that loves people. Locate him with PAWS-TN, 931-801-0313, Ladies Caring Pet Rescue Tinker Bell is a 4-month-old women Jack Russell terrier puppy. She getsmanages fantastic with other pets and also felines. Tinker Bell is a sweet woman that enjoys to sit in your lap. Find her via 2 Ladies Caring Canine Rescue, 931-217-1587, Pals Puppy Rescue as well as Fostering Lively is a 2-year-old female Shih-Tzu/Yorkshire Terrier mix. She is loving, listens veryquite possibly and likeswants to be a lap young puppy. Lively is house-trained as well as will certainly allow you recognize when she requires to go outside. She getshits it off with kids, pets and also felines.

Discover her via Priceless Pals Young puppy Rescue and AdoptionLuke gets along fantastic with a lot of pets however suches as to go after cats. She obtains along terrific with various other canines and also pet cats. Find her with Precious Buddies Pup Rescue and Fostering, 931-551-4407,
Cody as well as Sid obtain along fantastic

with other pet cats as well as canines. Miracle is a sweet and caring friend pet who loves kids. Luke obtains along fantastic with many canines yet suches as to go after felines. She gets along terrific with various other dogs and also felines. Locate her via Priceless Pals Pup Rescue and also Fostering, 931-551-4407,

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