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Preparing for a New Dog

When a new dog is set to join a family, there are some important equipment and supplies necessary for ease of managing the pet. If you are a new dog owner, you can look forward to many years of a fun, and a loving relationship with the new companion. Before bringing it home, it’s a good idea to visit a nearby pet shop and buy all these necessities to avoid making trips to the store when the canine has arrived home. These supplies will ensure you keep the canine happy, content, and healthy. Here are some of the essential supplies to keep ready and how important they are for your dog.

A Quality Dog Collar
Using the right collar as you go out for a walk with your pet can be enjoyable, however, using the wrong equipment can be a nightmare for you. It is an everyday safety items that is subject to tear and wear just like your clothing. Depending on your dog breed, size and your needs, there are a variety of collar types.

Leather Dog Collar– Leather Collar:  the classic leather dog collar is a favorite of many dog owners due to its durable natural material that does not irritate the animal. With the correct treatment, the leather collar can withstand moisture for years. They are comfortable for the canine and preferable for the dog with sensitive skin. Buying good high quality leather dog collars is an investment that will last for many years.

Flat and Rolled Collars:  this type of collar is great for attaching the tags and ID and are comfortable enough. 

– Nylon Collar:  these are the most popular collar due to the durability and water handling abilities. Cleaning a nylon dog collar is very easy, and they are less expensive. You can get them in almost every color and print and can be adjusted. You can get a decorated collar for a fancy looking pet.

Plastic Collar:  a collar can be made of plastic or made of another material then coated with plastic for added aesthetics and protection. They are cheap and are made with fun featuring all sorts of designs. Plastic collars are really inexpensive and are mostly used for decorative purposes. The plastic-coated nylon collar is stronger and well protected. They are also very easy to clean.

Spiked Collar:  this type of collar is designed to protect your canine from attacks from other dogs and wild animals and target the neck area to subdue. Most people, however, like the spike because of how great it looks on larger dogs, especially pit bulls. Spiked dog collars also make it more difficult for strangers to grab the dog by the collar.

Custom-made Collars:  now days, you can order custom-made collars handmade from a wide variety of materials. You have the option to choose the thickness, size, and inclusion into the collar. Custom made dog collars will be expensive, and it will take some time for the collar to be made. Some of the highest quality custom personalized dog collars are made by Yippr Pet Supplies

Choke Chain:  like the name implies, this dog collar is made of chain links and features no stop in it meaning the more pressure exerted, the tighter it gets on the dog’s neck. It can be very effective if used correctly; otherwise, you will injure or kill the pet.

Martingale Collar:  this type of collar is a hybrid between a regular and check chain collar. It is suitable or a canine whose head is smaller than the neck. It tightens when pressure is applied from the leash, therefore, giving negative feedback, so it does not remove the collar. It is not as harsh as the choke chain.

Padded Collar:  this can be made of any material but padded on the inside for additional comfort to the neck of the canine. Quality padded dog collars made of leather should last for years.

LED Dog CollarLED Collars:  a led lighted dog collar is popular for two reasons. If you like walking or letting your dog out to play at night, you will enjoy the safety feature of the led collar. Additionally, if you like glamor on your pet, then this collar suits you. The lights are placed inside the material for added beauty. A nice quality led dog collar will help keep your pet safe and visible to motorists, bicyclists and other pedestrians during low light hours.

A dog leash plays a very important role in your relationship with the dog. It provides both comfort and safety when you are out for a walk and provides your dog with great freedom especially the longer leash. There are two types of leashes: There are many styles of leashes available. People that walk their dogs in the early morning or evening really like a LED Dog Leash because it increases visibility of their pet. One of the long favorites has been a good Leather Dog Leash simply because they are very strong and last for a very long time.

– Standard leash:  this type is made in a variety of material including nylon and leather and can be bought in varying lengths and widths. You can get a leash made of reflective fabric, or led collars are available for maximum safety. 

Retractable leash: this feature thick plastic grip that releases a thin nylon cord operating like a measuring tape.

Equipping your dog with a visible id tag is vital, especially if your pet gets lost. You can be contacted easily, or the dog can be taken back home since the tag can include the dog’s name, your contact information, and home address. However, the collar and id tags can come off since they are not foolproof. This calls for a backup in the form of a microchip. They are inserted under the skin to make it easy to identify the pet details and reunite it with the owner or even acquire its medical information.

Bed and Shelter
Even your dog needs a comfortable place to sleep. A warm place to sleep at night gives you dog a sense of security. Your canine companion also needs a comfortable bed sized depending on its size and breed. It is best to buy a bed made of a natural material with non-skid bottom. The covers should be removable and machine washable to make it easy to clean regularly.

If your dog will be staying outdoors, then you need to buy or build it a spacious, safe shelter. This keeps out the weather and provides a sense of ownership to the dog. This is a place it can keep its toys and spend its day and night without disturbance.

Food & Water Bowls
The three most common material used for dog’s food and water bowls are plastic, ceramic and stainless steel. The choice you make will depend on their features and your budget. Plastic is durable, but if the dog chews on the bowl, then this material is not the best for it since the ingested plastic can be harmful. Ceramic, on the other hand, is very stable especially if the canine likes pushing its bowl after eating. They are however porous meaning you have to clean it daily. Stainless steel is the best choice recommended by vets since it is easy to clean and sanitize. They are very durable, and if it has a rubber bottom base, the bowl cannot easily slide on the floor.

Grooming Supplies
You need grooming tools if you are to keep a dog. The grooming activity serves as a bonding experience with your pet as it is pleasurable to the dog. Items like bristle brushes, wire-pin brushes, slicker brushes, and de-shedder are all necessary for different purposes which are all enjoyable to the pet. You need to choose the right brush for each fur type or dog breed and use shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for the dog. 

Bring fun to the life of your new dog with plenty of toys including chew and squeaky things. These will help keep it mentally active as well as physically involved as it relaxes in its shelter or corner. These helps channel its excess energy, so it does not get into destructive behavior. Consider buying food-dispensing toys, tug toys, fetch toys and chew toys among much more.