Premium Lighted LED Dog Collar – Best Light Up Safety Collars

Keep Your Pet Safe and Fashionable with Lighted Dog Collars Are you thinking of an accessory that can give you peace of mind when walking your dog? Let’s admit that walking your dog can be a bit stressful especially at night. Unfortunately, this is the only time a lot of dog owners can walk their dog especially after working the entire day. Without the right preventive tools, you just don’t know if they’ll run and get hit by a car. This can be heartbreaking since it can be a fatal accident that could’ve been avoided. For every dog owner, it is important to always consider their fur baby’s safety first. LED Dog Collar products are growing in popularity these days. This helps eliminate any potential danger that can be encountered even when walking your dog at night. One of the best products in the market for Lighted dog collars is Yippr. Yippr is among the most popular brands in the market of LED dog collars for several reasons. Here are some things that you can expect from this product.


Offers a Classic and Premium Edition of LED Dog Collars

Yippr offers their customers a Classic (their original) and a Premium option (newer upgraded version) on their light up collars. After holding and testing both of the led collar options here are the defining factors we found to give you more insight. Yippr Pet Supplies has built their business based on providing ‘quality’ and we found that their Classic collar is actually very high quality and is much better than the others offered online. Here is a more detailed breakdown between their Classic and Premium models.

Classic vs Premium

  • Collar Thickness – The Classic is about 6 mm thick and the Premium is 8 mm.
  • Width – The Classic x-small is 3/4″ wide and 1″ wide in the other sizes. The Premium is 1″ wide in all sizes.
  • Sizes – The Classic is available in 5 sizes (xs,s,m,l,xl) and the Premium is available in 3 sizes (s,m,l). However, The Premium is designed fit the same size dogs. Refer to the sizing charts below.
  • Visibility – The Classic can be seen for up to 1000 feet away and the Premium can be seen up to 1500 feet away.
  • Continuous Use Time – The Classic offers a continuous 5+ hours of use per charge whereas the Premium offers 7+ hours.

Comparison Notes: Everything else (charge time, hardware, etc) was basically the same if I didn’t put it above as a noticeable difference. It really comes down to user preference. If you want a lighter LED collar and 5 hours per use is adequate then the Classic will suffice, but if you like a little heavier feel and want a longer use then the Premium would be great.

Finding the Perfect Size for Your Dog

Measure the circumference of your dog’s neck then compare to one of charts below to find the right size in the Classic or Premium LED dog collar.

Classic Style
Size Width Neck Size
X-Small 3/4 Inch 9.75″ to 13.75″ 
Small 1 Inch 11″ to 15.75″
Medium 1 Inch 13.5″ to 19.75″
Large 1 Inch 15″ to 23.5″
X-Large 1 Inch 17″ to 27.5″

Premium Style
Size Width Neck Size
Small 1 Inch 9.75″ to 14″
Medium 1 Inch 13.75″ to 19.5″
Large 1 Inch 19.25″ to 27.5″

Much Better Than Reflective Dog Collars

One of your typical collar’s downsides is that it lacks visibility at night. The Yippr light up dog collar makes use of LED lights to increase your dog’s visibility especially at night. Unlike the typical reflective collar, this LED dog collar allows bikes and other vehicles at night to see your dog even from afar. This can help motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists to maintain safe distance from your dog. These collars can be seen for long distances!

Easily See and Monitor Your Pet

If you like to turn your dog loose to run in the park you never have to worry about seeing them in low light conditions. You can turn the collar on solid or one of the flashing modes and turn them loose. It’s very nice to be able to see your dog in the dark!

Prevents getting lost in the woods

LED Dog CollarIt is a possibility that you’ll get slip your grips from the leash. This can be a problem dealing with an energetic dog that might get lost in the woods. Just a few minutes and your dog might be out of your sight, and a dog might not find his way back to you. What the collar can do is to prevent this type of scenario from happening. You can easily spot your dog even from afar when wearing a flashing dog collar.


The material of lightup dog collars is made of nylon webbing that can handle more than the usual rough play of man’s best friend. It is also weatherproof and so is its light, which can be used even if you get caught out in rain, snow or high humidity.


The LED lights have four different settings including: solid light, a quick flash, a slow flash, and an off mode. That means that you can use the collar during day-time and even charge it via USB when it already ran out of battery.

Walk them in style

In terms of style, the dog collar can make your dog standout at the dog park and neighborhood. Also, there are varieties of sizes available for different sizes of dogs from small ones to extra-large ones. The collar is the perfect cute accessory for your pet. There are a number of colors available depending on your preference. Choose from blue, green, red, pink, white and yellow to make sure that your dog stands out even when the sun already goes down. It is important that you buy only the best for your dog. In this case, Yippr makes a good option for this kind of product. Ultimately, it can help give you peace of mind as you bond with your pet.